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Workflow AI

Workflow AI is a groundbreaking workflow mechanism that taps into the capabilities of artificial intelligence to amplify your business automation tactics. It flawlessly melds with your CRM, intelligently reacting to a range of triggers and tasks to refine your processes.

Moreover, Workflow AI excels in complex data structuring and calculations, further guaranteeing accuracy and swiftness in your endeavors. As a workflow component, Workflow AI positions your enterprise to be more anticipatory, alert, and flexible.

Content AI + Image Generation

Content AI is a writing tool powered by artificial intelligence, designed to streamline and enhance content creation.

This AI-driven assistant can craft content tailored to specific tones and keywords, offering diverse versions. For businesses, Content AI serves as a swift, efficient, and potent content generator.

Incorporate it into Blog posts, Social Media updates, Email Campaigns, Sales Pages, and even personalized Email Responses.

Image Generation via Content AI is a pioneering capability that crafts distinct visuals from descriptions given by users. This integral component of the Social Planner platform aids users in enhancing the allure and visual impact of their social media content.

Website & Blogs

A beautiful website is the key to attracting your audience. With our tool you can create websites and landing pages that are lightning fast and responsive on mobile devices.

Thanks to our built-in chatbot (AI programmable), you can interact directly with your visitors, and with an unlimited number of domains, websites, blogs, and pages, you have all the freedom you need to create your online presence.

And the best part? A full media library for your images, PDFs and more is also included – so you have everything you need to make your website perfect.



Funnel Builder

Turn website visitors into customers with our high-converting funnel builder. If you don't know how to attract customers, our funnel builder will help you create a sales funnel with a high conversion rate, so you can successfully sell your offers online.

With our tool, you'll navigate your customers in the right direction, so they take exactly the action you want them to take. Create sales funnels, online appointment booking funnels, webinar funnels and more – everything you need to optimize your sales processes.

And the best part? With our drag-and-drop builder, you can quickly create automations that can turn a funnel into a flywheel and take your business to the next level in no time.



Social Media Scheduling, Auto Posting & Messaging

Automated posting and messaging is a valuable feature to make your business more effective and improve customer engagement. You can quickly and easily reach out to your customers on various channels such as social media, email, SMS, voicemail, and chat.

Autopost Stories, Videos, Reels, and even "buffer" Content in Advanced.

You can also use automated messages to respond to new leads within minutes and engage them directly with your business.

By running nurture campaigns, you can ensure that your leads are always in focus, and you can convert them into paying customers over time.



CRM & Client Management

Our CRM and contact management system helps you easily turn your contacts into opportunities. When you receive a call, SMS, email, or social media message, a new contact is automatically created.

Every new contact is an opportunity for you to sell, and thanks to runONi, the contact list automatically merges.

All your notes, tasks, upcoming appointments, calls, contracts, emails, and more are stored in one place so you can stay on top of things.

Whoever you are, you can structure your business and improve your customer relationships with our easy-to-use CRM and contact management system.



Automations & Workflows

When communicating with prospects and customers who write to you on social media, it can quickly become confusing. With runONi, we simplify all those conversations, so you can interact with your customers more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Thanks to the integration of Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, SMS, phone calls, email and web chat, it's possible to reach all your contacts and leads from the web through a single app and in one place.

In addition, our software allows you to keep an eye out for potential clients even while you sleep, giving you more time for other important activities.

In addition, runONi offers the possibility to document your sales pipeline in a structured way and thus get a better overview of your sales opportunities.



Lead Management & Sales Pipelines

When communicating with prospects and customers who write to you on social media, it can quickly become confusing. With runONi, we bring all those conversations together, so you can communicate with your customers more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

By integrating Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, SMS, phone calls, email and web chat, communication with potential customers is made simple and clear for you. You can contact all your contacts and leads from all over the web with a single app and in one place.

What's more, with our help, you can also capture leads around the clock, even while you sleep.

This means higher organization, less confusion, and therefore more time for important activities.

It also allows you to systematically document your sales pipeline, giving you a better overview of your sales opportunities.



E-Mail Marketing

Automate your email campaigns to generate revenue from emails. Send targeted emails that reach your customers at the right time. With our drag-and-drop email editor you can easily create beautifully designed emails and schedule them at the same time.

runONi offers you an effective and modern solution for your email marketing and helps you get the most out of leads.



Courses and Memberships

Our membership sites and course building tools help you build your own business based on your knowledge and share it with the world.

With these tools, you can easily create online courses and membership sites, integrate videos, PDF documents, and assessments, and automate communication when a member successfully completes a module.



Check-out and payment sequences

With our shopping cart and payment sequence feature, you can easily attract more customers. You'll always know where each potential customer is in the buying process, so you can focus on those closest to booking.

In addition, you can send non-binding quotes and once the customer is ready to buy, you have the option to process the payment directly through the CRM.

This makes the buying process easy and convenient for your customers, which in turn can lead to higher completion rates.

You can review and manage all bookings, invoices, subscriptions, and payments directly in runONi. With this feature you have a complete control over your sales and subscriptions.



Client Portal and Communities

The client portal is a client-side interface on your own platform. It's a centralized platform designed to allow clients and leads to interact with their respective subaccounts in a streamlined manner.

is an interactive, centralized platform that combines various educational resources, allowing members to create, connect, and engage in groups.



Appointment coordination and scheduling

With our online calendar and appointment booking from runONi you can reach more potential customers and thus generate more sales.

Thanks to our online appointment calendar software you have all your appointments under control and your customers can see your availability. You can book an appointment within seconds.

To make sure you miss fewer appointments, we automatically send appointment reminders to you and your customers to make sure you are fully booked.



Chat Widget

A chat widget allows customers to easily and quickly get in touch with you or your business without having to write an email or call. With the chat widget on your website, customers can be assisted directly with the buying process and potential issues can be resolved immediately.

Chat logs can be saved to make it easier to review customer inquiries and improve customer service. A chat widget is a useful tool to increase customer satisfaction and improve the buying experience. It can even help increase conversion rates and sales.

Forms, Surveys, and Signatures

Use runONi forms and surveys to collect all the information you need to generate more leads. With our intuitive Survey Builder software, you can create easy-to-understand questionnaires and quickly gather useful feedback from your customers.

These can also be used to track customer progress in courses and membership pages, develop skills assessments, or get onboarding and offboarding estimates.

With responsively designed forms and surveys, we make it easy for your customers to share their data. Then automate form or survey completion tasks and work more efficiently.



Phone and voice mail

With runONi you increase the chances of sales and increase your revenue. Use our automated call and voicemail features to connect with leads. We help you focus your energy only on connected calls – so you never miss a sale.

For missed calls, automatically leave a recorded message to make sure you don't forget the customer.

Affiliate Program

With runONI you can create your own affiliate program and offer it to your customers. You can provide a percentage or a specific amount and track each sale individually. Keep track of your campaigns by including affiliates directly in your automated workflows.

You can also help your affiliates plan and manage their campaigns by providing them with tools to keep track of their progress. Thanks to the extensive range of affiliate campaign management tools runONI offers, you'll always have an overview of your campaigns.



Feedback & Reviews

72% of customers read reviews before making a purchase decision. More reviews and a strong online reputation have proven to be effective strategies for attracting customers.

With our automated review request, you can get your satisfied customers to share their 5-star experiences.

Plus, with the ability to easily respond to customer reviews and reject false negative reviews, you can improve your online reputation. Gain important insights to optimize your team and your business.



Text 2 Pay

"Text 2 Pay" allows you to receive faster payments by sending secure payment links via SMS directly to your customer's phone. The customer can then simply enter their details, pay and voila... you receive the money instantly.

Thanks to our mobile app, you can even create a payment link on the go and get paid in minutes.


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runONi is an all-encompassing online business software designed for forward-thinking entrepreneurs and online educators. It's the first of its kind that integrates strategy, coaching methods, and ready-to-use templates. The platform provides tools for attracting, engaging, nurturing, converting, and delighting customers, making it a comprehensive solution to automate various aspects of online businesses.


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